How to Impress a Girl on Facebook


Are you searching for real tips and tricks on how to impress a girl on Facebook? Are you tired of reading the same dating tips which holds little relevance when it comes to flirting with single women online? You are about to learn the secrets of how to impress girls on Facebook or any dating websites- Once you’ve read this article you won’t ever have to question yourself on how to impress girls anymore.

When you have added a girl you are interested in on your Facebook, then the idea of how to impress a girl automatically comes to your mind but at the same time, you have to deal with the fear that the slightest mistake you make can screw up the whole thing. If you want to impress girls on Facebook, remember it’s not only about the conversation you have with her which is going to determine how successful you are, but also every little detail on your Facebook profile.

If you want to impress girls, then make sure you do the following.

Work on Your Facebook Profile
If you want to impress girls, make sure your profile is ‘girls-friendly’. Avoid swearing and being disrespectful on your wall or bragging about your sexual experience or fantasies openly on your wall with friends-if you are so eager about having these types of conversation, do it on a private chat.

Get your profile pictures right
Do not underestimate the power of profile pictures! They can tell millions of stories on what kind of person you are and if you want to impress a girl, only add those pictures which are going to create the right kind of impression. Make use of pictures which depict you in different kinds of setting-school, work, at home playing with your pets, hanging out with friends and families ( you want her to know you have a social life, don’t you?).
Avoid uploading pictures of you and your sexy ex or the boozer picture-you want her to know you know the definition of fun, you do not want her to see your drunkard and party animal spirit; save that for later!

Words, Compliments and Interests
OK so now that your walls and profile pictures have given her a glimpse of your personality, it’s about time you show her the real you. Start the conversation like you would with a normal person and slowly take things to the next level by complimenting her profile pictures-this will show her that you took the time to have a look at her pictures and you are genuinely interested in her. Now the trick here is be specific and stand out from the bunch of guys who keep throwing compliments at her. Avoid saying things like, you look beautiful on your pictures-be specific and say things like ‘I loved the picture where you were holding your pet, you looked cute and full of innocence!’

Communication Limit
This may be quite confusing but if you get this one right you will definitely impress her. Have you ever seen guys who spend their whole day commenting on other people’s wall and profile pictures? If you want to impress a girl, avoid being this kind of loser. Commenting on some of her pictures is romantic and cute; commenting on ALL her pictures is called stalking!

Even when you chat with her, try to be within reasonable limits. Don’t be like the desperate guy who is trying so hard to impress and get noticed- chat with her, and learn to ignore her as well- You want her to miss you, to yearn to talk to you and know how to initiate conversation with you. You should not be the one initiating conversation the whole time. Girls are impressed with men who know the boundaries between giving someone attention and space.

Confidence, Patience and Common Sense
If you want to impress a girl, then you better learn to be confident about your dating and flirting skills-women cannot resist men who are confident and know how to lead a conversation and relationship.

Impressing a girl is a step by step procedure which very often requires time, so you should learn to be patient and play your moves right in order to impress her.

Finally, using some common sense is important while trying to impress a girl. You may read thousands of dating tips and advice, but remember not all of them work with everyone. Also, you need to learn when to back off from a girl- if someone continuously ignores your mail, messages, does not pay attention to any of your moves in a bid to impress her- do not hold on to her, she is clearly not interested in you.

Dating and flirting skills come with practice, so keep practicing; there will come a time where you will be reputed for your seductive capacities à la George Clooney.

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  1. salim says:

    thanks for nice tips i nedd that so much

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      hello my name is abhiit love one named krishnpriya but i was not that type of good person how can impress her and these are nice tips

  2. Patrick says:

    How can I impress a girl who already has a boyfriend?

    • mohit lalvani says:

      Do not give more attention toward her talk to other girls in front of her .And weight for some time.

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    How can I impress a girl who already has a boyfriend?

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    After applying these, i was impressed by my gf
    so, thanks a lot!

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    I am really really grateful for such a beautiful tip on how to impress a girl.

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    With these steps, i got a girl. thx