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Sometimes men try too hard to impress a girl on phone and they forget the basic simple things that can guarantee them success when it comes to impressing beautiful girls. If you are one of those men who can successfully get a woman’s number but miserably fail to get a date, then continue reading the dating tips below. I am about to unleash the rules of how to impress a girl on phone, stay focused:

Step #1 Building up your own confidence and self esteem
Congratulations you got her number. At least you can tap yourself on the back, you’ve managed to get a beautiful woman’s number and she is interested in you.
Now man up and be confident about whatever you say to her. Impress her by talking about your achievements, your job and if you do not have any of those then try to impress her by talking about your good qualities. Whenever you feel nervous, remember there are millions of single women out there you can date online and offline.
Women are not impressed by men who cannot even have a simple conversation and flirt with them on the phone – if you do not want to be considered as a loser, start by not talking like one.

Step #2 Act Natural on the phone
You’ve heard it million times before and yet you cannot understand the basic logic behind this advice. When a man likes a woman, he finds himself in this powerful urge to impress her. As he has no idea on how to impress a girl on phone, this makes him act unnatural and can clearly be seen in the way he talks, for example he will try to impress her by saying only ‘cool things’ and things that she wants to hear. The moment that he notices she does not like something; he will quickly take back the things he said and try to give it a new dimension. Believe it guys, women know when you are trying too hard to impress them.

How to Impress a Girl on PhoneStep #3 Use a flirty and playful tone
No I am not saying you need to talk like Jason Stratham. A flirty tone is something that you can develop with practice.
First of all practice a sexy hello.  And whenever you flirt on phone, speak slower than you normally do and keep the same flirty and sexy tone, pause at the right spots and let the conversation take its natural direction-perhaps paving your way to her bedroom!

Step #4 Flirt with her and compliment her
Don’t use your flirty tone to tell her about how sad you are to learn about the Japan triple disaster! Flirt with her and tell her how much you love talking to her, compliment her voice and let her know that you cannot wait to see her again – let her know that you are not here to be just a friend, you are looking for more than friendship!

Step #5 Listen to her and show interests in her
Don’t just brag about yourself and try to impress a girl while you flirt on phone by telling her about your past sexual conquests – this is the perfect recipe for disaster. Take the time to listen to her, show interests in her, learn more about her while at the same time tell her things about you and how many things you have in common.

Step #6 Do not lie to her
The biggest mistake made by men who don’t know how to impress a girl on the phone is lying. Keep in mind the classic saying “A liar should have a good memory”. Do not lie to her; a connection which is made based on a lie never lasts long. Always tell her the truth, women appreciate honesty.
If you can master the above dating and flirting tips, you can be sure that you will double your level of success to get a date.  Always bear in mind that success comes with practice and experience. So don’t give up yet. Sometimes you may do everything the right way and still fail to impress a girl; don’t take it personally, learn to move on, there are ways too many single women out there to be wasting time on a specific woman.

For step by step information to impress a girl on phone, please check here.

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    hi i want to know how impress to girl

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    I love a girl, but i dare not tell her.

    • Iris says:

      Try to see what she does in your presence and sometimes you just got to take a chance and ask her if you two could meet somewhere maybe at first invite a couple of her friends to come too but after a while she might start to open up and that is when you should ask if she likes you as a friend or more than a friend. That is the advice I have for you.

    • prashant murarkar says:

      l like my office staff colleagues girl, but I still can’t have good conversation with her.

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    How to step forward and talk with an unknown girl ?