How to impress a girl out of your league


In case you’re like most guys, you’ve probably found a gorgeous girl and thought: “Woah! She is so beautiful!  What a pity she is out of my league!  If I knew how to impress a girl like her, life would be wonderful.”

How to impress a girl out of your leagueOh yes! The whole world is full of beautiful girl. You see them in your neighborhood, at the shopping mall, at night clubs etc., and you probably even dream about them at night.  And do you know what? Most of them are looking for a good guy to share their life with. Most of them are disappointed that all the good guy seem to be “taken.” All of those girl enjoy sex! And like you, they’re looking for a great guy who can fulfill their wildest fantasies in the bedroom.

And there’s no reason why the guy they end up with can’t be you. It doesn’t matter whether they are beautiful, gorgeous or whatever.  They are all girls.  They share the common emotional and physiologic needs.  They are still attracted to the personality traits I discussed in my post “How to impress a girl – part 2”.  All it takes is for you to adopt those personalities plus following two rock solid secrets.

Secret #1: No More Mr. Nice Guy

Are you a nice guy?  Let me tell you an inconvenient truth.  For many gorgeous girls, nice guys are less attractive than jerks.  These beautiful girls are so used to guys trying to be nice to them just to get some ass.  They are of little interest to nice guys and even worse sometimes think of them as sham or sweet smiling salesmen.  Moreover behaviors we call nice are perceived by these girls as weak and indecisive.  People don’t respect those who kiss their ass.  Being too nice is contrary to alpha male personality. So stop being Mr. Nice Guy.  Girls don’t really want jerk.  But they like some quality that a jerk portrays – Strong guy with high self-confidence.

Secret #2: Be the Prize

Don’t be the pursuer.  Get her attention, shows her your alpha personality, ignite her desire then let her purse you.  Make her feel you are a prize to win.  Keep in mind when something or someone is out of reach, we want even more.  Why are diamonds so valuable? The answer is “Scarcity”.  So make the girls perceive you as scarce commodity.  When you appear to have limited availability, they will want you more.

Last but not the least, you must believe that no girl is out of your league if you know how to impress a girl.  If you want to know more on how to approach and impress a girl, I recommend “The Art of Approaching Women” by Joseph Matthews.  It is a good read and will help you change your life with girls.

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