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  1. Jenna says:

    Hi I’m a girl and this is telling people everything that is wrong. If a girl likes a guy she will try to make it obvious. Then she might try to show that she cares. I know I do that to my crush at school. Just so you know that’s how to tell so just look for the way she acts toward you.

    • anonymousgirl says:

      I’m a girl too, and sometimes we do act like that.. but not every girl would act the same way :)

    • Kyle says:

      That doesn’t make any sense. You have a good idea of what’s going on. But I think these steps are correct.

    • AJ says:

      I pretty much agree with you, cause that’s how she treats me

    • jonh says:

      tell me more about it

    • Sam says:

      I really like this girl she’s really cute she hangsout with me alot but the problem is that I dont know how to ask her out any advice plz help me I know every thing about her but wat do I do :(

      • narb says:

        just ask her, the more confident you are, the more of a chance you have. Ask her to go to the movies with you or something simple like that. make sure its just the two of you and do that a couple of times shell know you care about her and finally take a chance.

      • prince says:

        i like a girl, but i cant tell her. I dont know is she like me or not. She dose nothing to me. Once she bump me by book. But now she only talk with me when her needed…. Or if i ask some. And i confused if she say no, if i say i like her. And also i an looking bad. Thats my weakness… Now what should i do ?

    • Bunny says:

      Not all girls act the same…. I’m a girl and I act like that sometimes, like when my friends tease me about him I giggle and look away. Shy girls might not be obvious.

    • Dan says:

      Hi, thks 4 ur msg. Plss can u help me get a girl of abt 20-22 yrs old 4 a serious relationship n she must base in abuja. Thks once again

  2. aadil says:

    hi send me tricks

  3. maz says:

    hey i really like this guy I think he’s so cute and am in love with him, i saw him in train station on leeds platform many times he always looks at me and when i look at him he smiles at me but i am too shy to smile back once he was looking at me and i smiled at him he then looked away i also think he felt shy at that time too. Once i saw him in town ages ago and last week I saw him driving past me with his friend and he stared at me i was walking from the bus station and onto the main roads and was out of breath and it was hot my face was red i looked at him i felt a bit embarrased to see him driving past me. I am in love with him and constantly think about him 24/7.

    • Edward says:

      Well, you could either keep stalking him, or you could introduce yourself. If he was acting shy, he probably wants you to make the first move.

    • Keith says:

      Okay. I am a guy and I am very shy when it comes to girls. So I know what he is probably thinking. He is probably just too nervous to tell you that he likes you. And he is afraid of rejection. So if u like him, tell him that. If u wait, chances are you will both be too nervous to tell each other. And it will NEVER workout. Hope this helps.

  4. CAITLIN says:

    Okay well Since boys are all here I wanna know what all the boys think about this situation. Okay. There’s this Boy……He always hugs me & he always smiles at me & he like always comes up to me when he ain’t talking to his friends or something and I will always like flirt with him and act like I’m gonna hit him & he acts like he’s scared & then it ends up in a hug. & When he talks to me he ALWAYS says my FULL name. He says it when We start talking & when we end the conversation but the thing is is that he’s really nice & he usually is nice to all girls So I ain’t sure if he just being nice or if he likes me. What do You think ?

    • ross says:

      I think he either really likes you or is in love with u. He wants
      u start the conversations with him. He is either already in love
      with you, or will be soon. If u just keep up what you are doing he will
      fall for u soon.

      Oh yeah! the reason I know so much is because I’ve been in this
      situation, and I am a boy.

    • zack says:

      He definitely likes you. I’m at this point with a girl, so yeah. I thought It’s only a matter of time before he asks you out.

    • sowong hang says:

      Ummm…hi caitlin…..i am a japenese and I dont know much english, so please dont mind my poor english….about ur probs I think the guy is either a modest guy or a playboy…..there are many boys who are modest with everyone and talks to every one nicely with sweet smile…but!!! There are guys who just go around showing big smile and friendly talk with every one….but the guy u r talking about might be the modest one cause there is no playboy who calls a girl by her full name….anyway if u like him and u wanna know how he feels about u then the only thing to do is wait for him to tell u or ask him….

    • Carrot says:

      I would say he probably does as when I like a girl, I pretend to be scared and hug her constantly too. But if he doesn’t come to you, and you keep doing what you are doing, he’ll eventually get tired of it and will leave you. I thought he wants you to start conversation with him, so give him what he wants, and he’ll open up to you.

    • Bobby says:

      Being a guy, I think I would know the answer to this.

      I do almost the exact same thing with this one girl that I am totally in love with.
      (when I read this post I got creeped out actually)
      So that guy probably really likes you but isn’t sure if you like him or not. Guys that are usually like… flirty around girls, will usually be a little bit shy (or do wierd stuff like saying full names) around girls they really like.
      Good luck with that :)

  5. angel says:

    @maz……darling its nt love …neither u luves nor he ….its just d way of flirting …so try 2 forget tat guy…!!!!!!!!!!

  6. NISHANT says:

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  9. dan says:

    well i need some advice girls im not ur typical guy in a few diff ways im very affectionate to girls in my life and im the guy that no matter what time wht im feeling or wht im doing ill stop to help you or talk to you about anything and theres this girl ive been friends with for almost two years now and im very much” in love” everytime i hear her voice and see her face im instantly happy she is the best part of my life but i dont think she likes me back. all i want is for her to be happy even if im miserable because thats just how i am. i really dont know wht to do anymore and i think the only reason she doesnt like me because we are three yrs apart. …she is older but anyway ive already made it clear i love her and i always will but she shows nothing back but other times shes very flirty with me can anyone help me on wht i should do. Dan

    • maddie says:

      Did u actually tell her that you like her?

    • jake says:

      I dated a girl who is 2 years older than me. So don’t get your hopes down.

    • Jon says:

      Explain your feelings completely. If she’s still rejecting you then settle on friends and find someone else. There’s plenty o’fish in the sea. Besides it’s better to have loved and lost than not at all. This girl I really like is my freind but she already has a BF.

    • someoneandnoone says:

      Hi! I’m a girl. I don’t know how old u and this giro are but I’m thirteen turning fourteen. If u really like this girl u want her to be happy. I know I like a guy at my skewl and he likes one of my best friends. I don’t hood grudges against him or her. I just want hike be happy. I don’t care if it’s with someone else. I would advise to, next times she’s flirting with u say in a joking tone, “r u flirting with me? Ooooo!! U like me!!” and if she denies it then ask her whi she does like. I use this on guyz all the time and it works really well.

  10. AJ says:

    My friend, she an I hardly text each other. My brothers and sister say that she really likes me, but I don’t know. My parents invited her, her grandma and 8 brothers, so I was wondering what to say. If you have a YouTube account, you can tell me on YouTube at WWETHEMONSTER.

  11. Maddie says:

    Btw mine was for the person named dan

  12. jake says:

    What does it mean if a girl hugs u for a long time, and in gym she likes being in your group.

    • someoneandnoone says:

      She likes u. Duuuuhhhhhh!!!!!! I’m a girl. The first part I can’t say much about cuz I hug everyone. I LUV HUGS!!! But the second part means she likes u. If she wants to be in ur group shes probably hoping for u to pass the ball to her or something of that matter. She wants to know if u like her bak. If u do I would advise asking her to be ur partner for a school project.

  13. Hi says:

    Hey I’m a girl and we don’t do that

    But guys please tell me if these are liking signs

    Ok so I like this guy so he calls me “(myname)-OMS
    In class, in the morning we do hug handshake of high five. He always picks hugs and he even told me a secret, but all he does at reeces is playing basket ball, so I don’t even know! PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    • Martin says:

      well the signs I think for a guy is when we talk to the girl we like we get nervous and look somewhere else another one is that we look at the girl alot and they hardly talk to that girls and another one is when they do talk to the girl the try to act funny and tell them secrets like if they trust them another is he will try to show off to the girl like skills another is like giving them stuff like lending a pencil or a actuall present another is trusting the girl for like secrets letting them hold on to there personal belongings and last I could think of is probably giving you personal information like there cell phone number address family members etc. those are some steps to a guy liking you :D oh yeah that guy that you like likes you cause a guy dosent hug any girl and he tells you secrets come on its time to make your move :D

      • Jacob ma says:

        I’m shy and love basketball and i hardly give any hugs and when girls ask me for hugs I hate it unless I like them

    • krishna says:

      Hi.. Anybody plz explain me about girls.. I cant understand my girl friend. She is not even messaging me.?

  14. shamee khan says:

    I always lost my love.

  15. m64 says:

    I like a girl, but she`s already in a relationship. What should i do?

  16. Edward says:

    Angel is right, maz

  17. Keith says:

    Hey any girl reading this wanna give me some advice for this situation? There’s this girl I like and we go to a martial arts studio together. I know for a fact that she likes me. But she is homeschooled and her parents are so controlling of her and they sometimes show up to the studio. My dad goes to the studio with me and so does my sister. And my parents hate me dating. My dad teases me about stuff like this all the time so I’m afraid to approach her. But she is one of my sisters friends. And there’s so many teenagers at the studio that I can never get time with her anyway. I have a tournament for the studio I attend this weekend and it may be my only time to make my move. what do I do? What do I say? Some advice would be greatly appreciated.

  18. Tom says:

    I keep skyping this one girl, and she seems interested but I’m not sure. What do u think?

  19. IAm says:

    I’m a girl, by the way: This guy is always looking at me from far away. This happened at camp. He’s never talked to me before except once- my reply was really stupid. He asked me to join his group and I said ‘I’m busy, I’m waiting for someone in the bathroom.’ (I really was, I was waiting for my best friend.) He acted like what I said wasn’t stupid, then he and his friend walked away.

    Like, when he looks at me he doesn’t know I’m looking at him. But once I was eating in the cafeteria and he walked by my table right in front of me and looked at me. (Still walking by.) It was so embarassing because I was eating a hamburger patty with my hands but that’s not important….

    Does he like me? He looks at me a lot.

  20. Alison says:

    I am a girl and Im kinda confused about this one guy. so, this year in January I started going to the library and there my friends and I would sit next to a guy. I’d seen this guy before, in the halls and at my friend’s party. That was my first year in that school so I didn’t really talk to him. At the library he would start teasing me. Then as days passed I went to the library by myself and he was there always sitting on a table by himself. The first time I saw him it was awkward for me and well we started fooling around instead of doing homework. He would pull on my feet below the table and my shoes would slip out. He thought that was very amusing. This happened for a while and we never got to know each other more like just tease around. One day in fb I posted a video of my favorite band and he commented saying it was his favorite band also. Then at school he would start coming up to me at recess for no reason. He had promised me to play one of the songs on piano for me (which never happened). I started to like him around this time. My friends said he liked me and it was obvious but I just didn’t see it. We kept flirting and he kept coming up to talk to me or just be around me and my friends. After in march we met at the library once again and he took me by the arm as I was passing by and asked me to stay with him to study. I did and he asked me to tell him something (he always did this) so I did. For a while we were laughing and then it got quiet so I have this thing of comparing hands and I asked him to compare hands and his hand was on mine and it was twice the size of my hand so he closed his fingers on mine. I looked at him and well he looked directly at me which made me nervous and then all of the sudden his friend burst through the doors and he and I quickly pull our hands apart.In April it was my birthday and he pulled me away from my group of friends to wish me a happy birthday. By this time I had stopped liking him since I sat beside a guy who I really liked. I found him taking me away from the group a bit weird. After in may he stopped coming over to talk to me and started to hang out with the guy sitting beside me. I was going crazy. I would always catch him staring and once at the library I saw him follow me with his stare and I said loudly: stop looking at me. after that he never looked at me again. In June he started hanging out with my friends and well he asked if we could share ear phones since we both wanted to listen to the same music. My friends were being annoying and started to cough and giggle to which he blushed a bit. After that he kept asking for my iPod and stuff and over the summer I’ve talked to him twice. I realized that I in fact like him and a lot. We have so much in common and I don’t know if I have lost all my chances with him but I want to know if he liked me before.

    • carla says:

      Just tell him u like him, coz all the things u’ve mentioned about him makes it obvious that he likes u, i guess u treated him really bad, first look 4 a chance when he is alone, and first of all say sorry, and then slowly ask him if he likes u or not or maybe u tell him…if he does than that’s goodd but if he doesn’t than i guess i don’t know further more, but just listen 2 ur heart, and I am sure u’ll get a true answer… :)

      • Anonamys says:

        There’s this girl I like and I’ve gotten to be very good friends with her and she trusts me alot and I trust her a lot too. Her friends told me that she liked me and that I should ask her out. It got to the point where we talked every day at school and on fb. One problem is that she is one grade older than me and I get really shy in person with her. Recently we were talking on fb and she asked me the thing I was hoping she wouldn’t ask , if I like her . I have already avoided that question 3 times and I felt confident this time too tell her the truth, turns out she doesn’t feel the same way … :( now I don’t even know how to talk to her or look at her without feeling stupid or awkward . Plz help!!!!!

    • randomman says:

      he LOVES you

  21. Katrinastar1996 says:

    I’m a shy girl and this is almost exactly how I act around my crush but I don’t bump into him or tell my friends. Knowing them they would make his life hard and I don’t want that. One thing I’d like to add for guys out there, I believe that most of the time girls wait for you to make the first move. If you like her and you think she likes you just man up and tell her, worst case scenario she doesn’t like you back…

  22. Monica says:

    Hi, since most of the readers here are probably guys, I would like a little help. I really like this guy, but he’s very quiet and a bit socially ackward (he kinda chooses who he opens up to). We talk a lot and he smiles at me all the time, even when we’re not talking to each other he listens and smiles and laughs at everything I say. I catch him staring at me all the time, and after a while he’ll start to dislike the same things I don’t like and bring up the things I do in conversation. The thing is, he doesn’t have a facebook or anything and he doesn’t go out to dances or anything, so it’s hard to spend a lot of time with him outside of school, and he just isn’t like normal guys, so I am completely lost when it comes to determining how he feels. (not that I have much experience with guys to begin with, haha) I need to know, does he like me or is he just being nice?

    • Mckenna says:

      He definitely likes u. He’s just shy and prob. Doesn’t have a lot of experience with girls. You should ask him if he’s going to a dance or something or tell him he should go to one.

    • mcawsome says:

      This guy sounds like a pretty cool cat. Have You tried to show him you are interested? Chances are he’s just extremely shy. Does he ask you where you are going to be, and then “happen” to be there? And just because hes a nice guy doesn’t mean he’s not interested. p.s. you r not doing anything like, dating one of his friends, right?

  23. Lawrence says:

    One thing I notice is when a girl loves you, she tries to understand your interests and hobbies. A girl recently asked me What is cloud computing? We are friends for more than 2 months already, and I know that she has no interest in technology. I thought she asked this because she realized I am addicted to computers and internet.

  24. Karina says:

    since I’m a girl, here’s what I do as an example: when I’m around my crush, I keep a smile on as long as possible, laugh at his jokes, and frequently make glances. Also, I be as near to him as I can. Boys, if you notice this in a girl, chances are that she likes you!

  25. Austin says:

    I’m not shy with talking to girls at all, but I am really shy about asking girls out because I don’t want to be rejected so I want to ensure she’ll say yes before I ask her. This probably makes me sound like a loser, but I’ve only ever had one girlfriend for this reason. She was so much of an outcast herself that I new I wouldn’t get rejected because she was so desperate. To get to my point, there’s a girl I’ve known for a while and I really like her, but don’t want to be ask her out in case she says no because I love being with her because she is such a wonderful person and if I have no chance I wouldn’t want to ruin chances of just becoming a close friend. She is, however, hard to read as she is a very open person who is close enough to some friends, including some guys, that she hugs a lot of them and acts in that general way. Obviously that makes nothing out of her offering me a hug as I would have been #5 of the minute. Does anyone have any clue what I should do?

  26. Alicia says:

    Ok here’s the scoop. I’m gonna give the guys some tips then ask for some advice from all you guys/girls. Ok first of all guys, you gotta make them laugh. Girls LOVE guys with a sense of humor. But no “you’re momma” jokes, girls think those are immature and stupid. Second, be confident! Don’t act all creepy or depressed. It’s a big turn-off! A little bit of smiling goes a LONG way. Finally, do small favors for her. When she drops something touch her hand slightly when u pick it up for her. Give her little gifts like a piece of gum or her fav candy. ( if u only do it once do it on her bday. She’ll love it that u know when her bday is) also if the girl is shy that means that she’s normal. She’s not loud or rowdy or a player. She just is afraid to let her emotions show. (smiling helps a lot here!!)

    Ok now here’s my situation. There’s this cute guy that knows I exist (haha) and he’s in my Spanish writing and science classes but I sit in a spot that makes it impossible to flirt with him! What should I do?

    Thanks SO much for ur help people!! Hope my advice helps u guys!
    -xoxo alicia

  27. inaan says:

    i truly love a girl, but i don’t know she loves me or not

  28. leviargyle121 says:

    There is this girl in my history class and every time i look over at her, she is staring at then she looks away, she probably does that about 10 every 2 days. i think she might like me.

  29. leviargyle121 says:

    i wonder what i should do.

  30. Mckenna says:

    I’m a girl and I’m wearing this guys jersey for homecoming and he’s like a guy friend but at the same time I kind of like him. At a football game he opened up to me and told me about how he likes two girls and talked for a while and I listened and then he asked me who I liked and I said no one. Later he started dating one of the girls he liked, but I’m still wearing his jersey. He still gives me high fives in class and talks to me. Im not sure if he likes me or is just my friend. Please give me some advice.

  31. Sab says:

    I’ve been reading the comments and it seems like they’re getting good advice from the guys here nd I need help with my problem from anyonewho reads this
    Ok so here’s my story…..
    At the moment I’m dating this guy He’s really sweet nd caring nd I know he loves me he always says it but I don’t know If I fell the same way he does We just meet last month and started dating a week later I broke up with him after a couple days because I thought I liked someone else I felt bad for him so 2 days later we got back together he acts likeI never broke with him nd he still actsthe same but I like someone else now this guy is in most of my classes and he really funny nd he knows me better than my current boyfriend but I don’t know if he even likes me he acts like it though he’s always coming up to me after class even if he’s class is down the hallway he rans up to me just to talk, He’s always saying my full name and trying to make me laugh, he’s always looking at me in science class and he says good job nd claps at everything I do even if I get a bad grade he says at least you tried
    The worst thing is him nd my boyfreind ALWAYS fights in math the compete against each other to see which one can make me laugh more,my boyfriend always starts it when he sees him talking to me
    I’m confused which guy should I date??

  32. marshal says:

    i am in grade 8 and when she was in grade 8 in my school she told me that she liked me alot and i like her too because she is my friend because we hang out and she comes to my school after she is done which is befor im done to walk home with me she is in highschool and dating a total jerk that smokes and is a bad inflence on her but when she was in grade 8 in my school she told me that she liked me alot and idk if she still does i need help plus her name is melody

  33. melissa says:

    Hi, im a girl and i just have a few questions.
    Ive liked this guy for a while now, and me and him are really good friends.
    Recently hes been taalking to me a lot more and holding my hand and stuff.
    he always texts me whdn he needs somone there for him and a lot lately hes been posting on my facebook wall that he needs to talk to me or that he loves me. He always hugs me and winks at me and comes up to me when he sees me, even though hes wiyh his frieds . Everyone says he likes me but ive never heard it dorectly from him. What should i do?

    • John says:

      I bet it probably took a lot of courage for him to even post to your Facebook that he “loves” you. He is probably really scared to approach you directly in person to say that for fear of how you might react. Being rejected through an indirect way is much easier than in person.

      If you like him more than a friend and has never told him, or gave him any indication that you like him, then he will probably never approach you with what he feels in person.

      If you like him tell him; if you don’t like tell him. The worst thing to do is let him keep pondering whether or not you like him. It’ll make him miserable, I know that feeling personally.

  34. Christian says:

    Can I ask advice? A girl was always staring at me at school, and it’s creeping me out a bit before, but after i read this i suddenly wondered if she likes me or not.That girl is always smiling in my direction. Should I talk to her or wait her to talk to me? I’m not good at talking to girls.

  35. Chris says:

    I’m a really shy guy and I really like this girl, I’ve known her since around 7th grade and in 8th we had so much fun together, we always fooled around and she made it kind of obvious that she had feelings for me. Now were in High School and it’s Sophmore year. I only talked to her once in freshmen year and havnt spoken to her since. I never try to make it look like I stare at her because I don’t want her to think I’m a creeper or something. She’s in 2 of my classes and she sits so far away so I can’t talk to her at all. I have such deep feelings for her and I don’t want to ask her anything because I know if she rejects me my heart would be completely broken. Idk what to do I’m afraid I lost all my chances. ccan anyone give me any advice.

    • Umer says:

      I am also in the exact same situation, but I am in freshman year.

    • Angel says:

      I totally understand what you mean. I’m going through the same thing. I guess you should try to reconnect with her and get to know her again. Maybe then you can find out if she likes you, but always remember to keep your chin up and don’t let anything bring you down. :)

  36. jack says:

    there is a girl who I think is out of my league how do I ask her to the rms dance, also her name is olivia

    • Angel says:

      Well I guess you could get her flowers and then ask her. You can also first get to know her, then determine if you still wanna go with her, if so, thEn try to ask her the most romantic way you can think of. Alot of g

    • Angel says:

      You could also write a song or poem that expresses your feelings towards her. But don’t make it creepy. Make it sweet and romantic.

  37. shanker says:

    i love a girl i have proposed her he said that she would marry one whom her parents says to marry. she likes me a lot. i asked her reason and she gave a stupid ans, so i said her to break up with me. she said that we could be friends but i said no. i left her she came to me to talk we bond up again. i asked her to love me, but she denied. i kissed her generally. she’s an bhramin she doesn’t like those once when i tried to catch her hand. she scolded me but after this she said that she would not talk to me. then i requested her she said she has never been with a boy like that. all our friends thought she has fallen in love but when i asked she said truth that she is not loving me now. i don’t known what to do.

  38. (RANDOM NAME) says:

    Hey, thanks for writing the guide. I’m in 8th grade and I have a crush on a girl. I’ve noticed that we often have eye contact, and she just “happens” to walk past me. However, I’m too shy to smile or anything, and she only looks at me for a few seconds.

    Any ideas people?

  39. Don't wanna say says:

    Hi, I had a relationship with a girl for 8 months, but it ended up because we had some problems with each.other. It all started when she first proposed me at my home and on that very day, we kissed. It was going everything right but she showed off too much and I didn’t like it. After 8 months when the problems went extreme, I left her. And on the time I.broke up with her I insulted her a lot. After that day, we didn’t talk for a long time. In this puja we met again. Actually she is the daughter of one of my father’s friend, so we met in a party. In these times I saw on facebook, she had two relationships and I know both of the guys. But both the relationships hardly went on for 1 month each. Now she is single. When we met we talked a little but we were not able to talk about the matter as friends were always with us. But what I found strange was none of her friends knew that wa broke up, everyone knew that she’s still my girlfriend. As friends always do, they teased us about that but she didn’t try to stop them. When we first talked that day, first she smiled but soon the smile disappeared. And also when we friends were talking all togather, we didn’t talk between us, I talked with my other friends but she was totally silent. And whenever I looked at her I found that she was watching me all the time. Whenever I looked at her that time, she pulled her face off from me. That’s all about her. I now have another girlfriend who loves me a lot, and she knows that. That’s my story, as you see. Now I wanna know if she still loves me or not. The story is a bit complicated so I tried to give you information as much as possible. Please help me…

  40. Dave says:

    Hi. I’m 14 and I’m having a few problems as well. I really like this girl and we dont talk very often but when we do, we talk for a long time. We get along really well and she smiles a lot when I’m with her.

    Problem is I’m a big guy as in fairly tall and built with a really deep voice for my age. And I am very shy when people comment on my body (my large arms, formed abs, whatever). People say I could pass for someone in college. And I’m only in year 8!

    I get worried that my presence is a bit daunting for her because I tower over most girls and boys at my school. Not just in height but also physical structure and it feels quite awkward. I get worried that people might be scared of me. Thankfully she is not short so it might feel less daunting for her when I’m with her.

    Should I be worrying about this? Is it a turn off for girls? A response from either gender of readers here would be well appreciated.

    • Iris says:

      It honestly depends on the girl it could be to your benifit it might be a turn on for her. Plus from what I can tell from what typed it doesn’t bother her or if it does she is really good at not showing it.

    • Elisabeth says:

      By worry At all I’m 5″11 and I’m 13 and im taller then almost everybody at my school including the guys and it’s a major turn off for me because I’m sure a guy doesn’t want to date somebody taller than them but truthfully that’s not a turn off it’s a pretty good turn on its not weird at all but if she holds that against you for any reason then I guess she’s not the one I hope I helped a little bit

  41. andrew says:

    I’m a guy and i’m deeply in love with this girl.I try to be with her as much as i can.She always say my full name.She gives me a big smile with excitement.Is that a good sign?

  42. Jordan says:

    There is a girl that i love to bits, we see each other every wed for band practise and we have gotten close, i said we shoul meet up and she said yes, but she said she might not be able to make it because she has a cold, she showed up and we had a laugh, she says things to me like i wish you were here right now, i need a should to sleep on, and sge misses me, but i really dont know how to get past the “just friend” stage, i am not sure if she likes me or not, i also do not know how to go out with me, she broke up with her boyfriend not long ago and she has already started talking to him again, i dont know how to show her how much i like her and that i am the one, not her ex. Help.

  43. Liam says:

    What I notice a lot is that guys act scared around a girl they like (I should know because I’m a boy and I do that) lol

  44. Ben says:

    Hi I’m looking for anyone who is sure they can help me with my problem you see me and my best mate both like the same girl but he doesnt know that I like her. But I’m not sure if she likes me I mean we have slot in common like music and hobbies but I don’t know if she just likes me as a mate or maybe more because she totally ignored my friend and constantly was talking to me when we met.

    • Angel says:

      I guess you should get to know her more, then if you still like her, then try to at least tell your friend, but don’t let that ruin your friendship. And if you like her, and end up going out with her, which I’m sure you will, :), then maybe you should try to help your friend find a girl that he will love as much as you love her.

  45. Deepan says:

    Hi friends pls help me in this matter , which i do not know how to handle it….

    I am studying diploma 2 nd year,, in a government polytechnic college,,, I saw a girl when i joined that college she is my classmate…
    At first sight i thought i was very much attracted towards her… I wanted to know that she likes me or not… So i asked her what do u like in me…. She said i like u r speaking towards me……. and u r character…. I often used to see her watching me in class secretly ,,,, Some times i get suddenly excited,, the reason was she is looking at me without calling,,, then i would ask her for the reason ,,for which she tells nothing,,,, I like her very much….. and i think i m in love with her…. and now in the second year i proposed her , but she tells me that she never thought me as her lover but just as a best and close friend…………… I was continuously msging her for two days after which she told me that if her parents says ok then she will tell her decision to me…. and after few days she was not even talking to me as she used to be before…. she says that she did not thought me as lover but as a friend……and now said she did not even think me as a friend .that place is vanished from her heart she says….. now we are in gap…(not talking to each other) …
    I need her really… please help me in this matter…………

    • Jacob says:

      Try talking to her again and become her friend again if u do and be a good friend but not to much of a good friend( if u know what I mean) then she will start developing feeling for you

  46. Cyan Williams says:

    I’m on a Level 3 childcare course at K College in Tonbridge (UK) and there is a girl I’ve fallen fro but i don’t think is into me.
    we’re in the same group and we smile at each other occasionally, I’ve actually never felt love and i’m 18 :-/
    we’ve had a conversation but i don’t think she is interested in me.
    i’ve asked her out but she has said not yet.

    to me a ‘Not yet’ usually ends up in a big fat ‘No’ and i’ve already got a hole in my heart from all the times i see people in love and my emotions are running dry because i’m stopping myself from crying.

    i’m also a bit of a techno geek and even she said that we might not get on as BF & GF.
    Can someone help me please i’ve never felt loves embrase nor had a date and i feel like i’ve never had anything done in my life.

  47. Char says:

    so I’ve been really good friends with this guy at my school since about 6th grade. I’m in 10th grade now. he asked me out last summer and I said no because I wasn’t sure how I felt about him, now I like him a lot and I think he likes me. supposedly he brags about me to his friends and everyone thinks we should be a couple (oh high school relationships) and we have recently been hanging out a lot again. i want him to ask me out but I’m really not sure what I should do… help me!

  48. Lucy says:

    Hi Im a girl and Im 16. One of my youth interns at church is 20 and Im pretty sure that he likes me. Ive known him for a little over a year now and we’ve always been friends but once he came back to college this semester he started acting different around me. When we play games he always hits me with balls and we have dodge ball fights. I always catch him looking at me. When we talk he holds the eye contact very long and doesnt let go! Lots of times we just sit there and stare at each other. He is always playing with my hands or putting his hand on my shoulder or tapping my knees and toes. Sometimes he sneaks up and scares me by grabbing my shoulders. He always makes me laugh and I make him laugh, too. He’s black and im white and the other day he asked me If i would ever date a black guy. The other day he also reached out his hand and told me that his hand was cold, trying to get me to grab it. there have been other signs but i cant remember them now.

    Does he like me or am I just imagining it? i dont think he cares about the 3 1/2 year age difference


  49. Iris says:

    I’m a girl ,like some others have said, but there is this guy who I like and during my 2 classes I have with I sometimes see him staring at me at the corner of my eye he will sometimes start conversations with me and other times I will start some. I am a shy girl when it comes to my own relationships any ideas on how to go about it? Thank if you answer!! :D

  50. U know it!!! says:

    Ok so there is this guy that I like and idk if he likes me bck cause last year he was being super mean like calling me mean names but this year he’s bein a lot nicer but almost completly ignoring me unless I ask him a question…but I sometimes catch him staring at me when he is not with any of his friends…but I also think he likes one of my bffs cause there lokers are rite nxt to eachothers so they always talk 2 eachother… and only the popular grls in my grade get asked out even if your really pretty. So if ur pretty (like me) but not popular (also like me) then you hav no chance of being asked out… Wat should I do!!!

  51. anzar says:

    i read al of these and itz really cool il try all these thanks all of you

  52. Someone says:

    Okay, so there’s this guy and he is a little less than two years younger than me. But he likes more than one girl… I’m just not sure what to do because he hugs me almost everyday and is always playing with my hair. I drove him home the other day and he held my hand in the car the whole way and when we were hanging out at my friends house we talked and he tickled me and such.outside of school we text and sometimes he texts me right after school and other times he doesn’t, is that because he wants me to text him first or what? Oh and when we are around everyone at school he is not AS touchy and so I’m not sure what to do… I really really like him and when I try to talk to him at school in between classes there is this girl who won’t leave him alone, and I think he might like her. What should I do? Oh an just to let you know I am pretty shy about this particular situation because the last guy I dated, well I received a broken heart from that…

  53. Joseph says:

    Hey I need to know I kinda like this girl and she likes me ( I think) and I was wondering If I should ask her out

  54. Elisabeth says:

    Some of my friends at school walked up to the guy I like and told him I liked him I almost cried and was devastated when he said he didn’t like me ! It just doesn’t make sence though he is always so shy around me and blushes and alot of the time in math I catch him looking and covering his face like he’s nervous it just doesn’t match up !!!! At the beginning of the year he asked me the same question over and over like he just wanted to look at me ! I think he just said no because some of my friends wanted to know please help

    • Hello says:

      Hello This ones for Eliabeth, was he on his own? If not then he might have just said that cause of his mates but if he was on his own then maybe he didn’t want to say in front of yours friends so ask him when your both alone. Hope this helps!!!!

  55. Elisabeth says:

    To liam ) oh god she so does allmy friends do that to there crushes at school after we all gossip about it and what we did to get there attention and that’s the biggest senario

  56. Elisabeth says:

    Yeah they always do

  57. Megan says:

    Ok so im a girl and i need to now if this guy likes me
    His friends always tease him about me
    He looks at me alot but when i see him he looks away
    Whenever any of my friends ask him if he likes me he says no
    But then he says bad stuff about me behinde My back nd his friends are always saying innappriate stuff about us lik do i wanna do… With him nd saying stuff lik well he wants to

  58. Michelle says:

    There’s this boy I have a crush on, and he knows I like him. But he says he likes a different girl. Yet, whenever I look at him, he’s looking at me and not the other girl. And sometimes in school he’ll come up to me and give me a random hug. (._.) He usually lies ALOT, so i’m not sure if he likes the other girl or me. D: Sorry for the long message, i’m just so confused D:

    ( )

  59. Ladadi says:

    Okay, so I liked this guy in 7th grade and he liked me back. We liked each other for the longest time. Then he liked another girl and they kissed but now can’t talk to her. He likes me now (8th gade)and I like him. Like I REALLY like him. I’ve known him for 10 years and I know him well. Any advice? I mean he’s not the curest but I like him for his personality! (:

  60. Scoops says:

    Hey.. I’m a girl and I’m 13 years old and I’m dating this guy… He is really shy but I love him. I don’t know what to do because he’s so shy that he rarely talks to me. I want him approaching me, not the other way around! Help me plzzz!!!!

  61. Roger says:

    There is this girl who I like who asked me to a school dance. But then her friend changed her mind and she didn’t go with me. We Are still friends now but I want to know if she likes me. Any advice?

  62. Jacob says:

    Hey. So I dated this chick and I broke it off awhile ago but I still really really like her and I’m sure still likes me cause whenever I see her I cach her staring at me and her aditude has really improved towards me. The only thing is I don’t wanna be with her after what we been through She only ever tells me she likes me and stuff when’s she drunk or sumthing which I don’t like. Well what I need advice on is how to make this chick regret everything she did too me when we were dating. If u knew what she put ne through u would understand

  63. NOUMAN ZOHAIB says:

    You r right she always look at me she really likes me i am pretty much sure Thanks for the tips

  64. andrew sartain says:

    i beleive that if you like a girl just be yourself. if being yourself is wierd and spontanious (me) then dont be afraid to be you. if she dont like you for you just dont waste your time

  65. andrew sartain says:

    michelle i think he likes you to but maby he is just confused and doesnt know what he wants. but i really think the signs point to he likes you. :)

  66. Jonathan says:

    i like this Girl But how do i Impress Her??
    Please Help Me
    i never Had a GirlFriend in my Life

  67. Skater says:

    There is this girl that’s always flirting with me and giving me really long hugs and stuff and I really like her do you think she likes me

  68. Jessica says:

    Okay, so there’s this guy, that i’m crushing on REAL BAD 7 months now, but i’m not sure if he likes me. He’s super confident and flirty with girls, he’s flirted with me a few times, and we’ve walked to and from school together. Evertime we talk it’s always awkward conversations. But he hasn’t actually given me clear signs, i’m also shy which doesn’t help. We have that awkwards 2 second eye contact then both look away. Everyone knows im ticklish and takes advantage of that (although it actually pisses me off) We have two classes together everyday, and sometimes i feel like he trys to get my attention. I don’t wanna tell his friends though, cos he’s popular, and if i get rejected, i’ll never hear the end of it…I can’t stand rejection anyway. When i like someone i do the opposite to most people, i try avoid him and deny myself, but that obviously hasn’t got me anywhere. Like i said, he has only flirted with me a few times like he does with other chicks, but i get this vibe from him, like a feeling like there’s something there that he might be denying tooo.Ughh! This is too messed up, cos although i’ve liked people before (small crushes) , this is the only one that feels real and i seriously LIKE (i wouldn’t say love, i think that words too strong) SOMEONE HELP :)

  69. Ben says:

    Ok, so theres this girl in my year at school.. shes so beautiful and has the best smile ive ever seen and eyes that i could stare into forever lol. Anyway so she recently split with her bf after they both cheated on each other the other day she told me she used to like me back in Year 10 for a bit, and everytime i see her she always looks at me and we both immediatly smile.. thing is im shit with reading signals, as ive only have 2 girlfriends before.. does she like me? what should i do? i love talking to her and making her laugh when i can but im not sure what to do she always looks at me and smiles and i smile back have i got the wrong idea and is she just being friendly or is there something there? Ive liked her for quite a while on and off, but recently shes on my mind like all the time…

    thanks for any help guys

  70. Billy The Kid says:

    There’s this girl at school who thinks I’m really cool because I play guitar and says that she would be the girlfriend! Does that mean she like me?

  71. Nelle says:

    I’m a girl and I like this guy. He always call me every night and hugs me every time he sees me my friends tell me that he like me but I know him to be a generally nice guy and he’s very polite so I’m not sure. He told me about these girls who told him they liked him and he reacted kind of badly to it so now I’m afraid to tell him that I like him because I do not want to ruin our friendship. I don’t know what to do. HELP!

  72. ian says:

    i like this girl and dont know if she likes me she is always messing with my hair can someone help me please

  73. ian says:

    i need a girls help there is this girl in most of my classes and we hang out most of the time and when people ask me if i like her and i say no but i kind of like her what should i do please help

  74. Emily says:

    So this boy that I went to school with (and still do) liked me in 7th grade. So here’s what happened. If I ever sat anywhere in one of the rows behind him at school and I was looking in the area from where he sat because the teacher was standing over there, I would almost ALWAYS catch him staring at me out of the corner of my eye. Then as soon as he noticed that I saw him watching me, he would really quickly look away. That happened a lot but i didn’t talk to him a lot or more than usual and he didn’t talk to me more than usual, but when we did talk he would be nice and trying to make me laugh. Then one day during gym my friend told me about how he had passed a note to her in social studies, which by the way I remember that day and how I caught him looking at me during that class, saying that he liked me and he wanted her to find out if I liked him. Well I said no because, well, I didnt. But what i dont get is why he couldn’t just ask me himself and it was weird how he didn’t just specifically ask me out (whether through a friend or directly to me) instead of asking if I liked him. Because no where was it ever mentioned that he wanted to go out, it was just about liking. Well anyway after that it was super awkward between us. We basically hardly ever talked for the rest of that school year. Then in 8th grade we would talk more but mostly just joking around stuff and teasing each other. Now in high school we have only talked a few times.
    Oh and a few more things. The whole situation was never talked about at all directly between us. Is that weird? Can any boy help to figure out why he handled this whole situation the way he did? And if there’s any possible way, even just a tiny bit, he still likes me? I don’t think so but I just am curious to know if it’s Possible. Please help me! Thank you!

  75. Person u dont nw says:

    So im 13 n i really like this girl.she sits next to me in class n shes like always looking at me and also hugs me alot.i mean nothing big evr happened between us exept the time she kissed me when i started blabering one day .should i ask her out ? Please help me guys!

  76. Akash says:

    There is a girl I met over Internet. We have been talking over phone/fb and texting for almost 3 years now. Lately I got a bit attracted to her and we decided to meet. I went to her city and we had a great time for say almost a week and then we came to know that we like each other. It’s been almost 7 weeks, she’s totally changed now, she is too intense, caring and way too possessive. After all these years I have realized now that I don’t love her, it was mere attraction. Also, I miss my old friend who used to play pranks, make fun of me..and now she’s more like- ” awww.. I am sorry…I didn’t mean that..where were you, you never called me back..”,.
    I really miss my old friend and I want things to be the way they were a few weeks ago.
    How should I tell her that I don’t feel the way she does without hurting her and still be together. Please help me out guys.

  77. nate says:

    so dose that meen she likes me///////////////////////////

  78. nate says:

    what does it mean when you ask out a girl and she says so umm look i just got out of a relationship and dont feel like starting another one so sorry but no… but i hope we still can be friends

  79. desprate 4 help says:

    Hi im a sixteen year old guy i go to a private school that is boys only( and i am not gay) but any way i travel some distance to my school by walking and there is this girl that lives not that far from me so everytime i twalk i “bump” into her but today she gave me a look not for the first time could this be a hint for me to ask her out,and ill be honest when it comes to girls i am totally shy and time is running out for me because i am in my last year at school and the i am going college there fore making sure that i have no chance of seeing her again,she is latina so if there are any latino people out there dont hesitate help a brother out

  80. Nick says:

    Hey I have been friends with this girl for like five years and I really like her and everyone says she loves me and I wana ask her out. What should I do?

  81. Paris says:

    ohkay so i work as a party host, and a guy that i am friends with was already hosting a party, he saw me waved then left his party to come and say hi and talk, later i was introducing my self to that party parents and he was getting drinks and i dunno he kept on looking at me! what does it mean, does he wanna be friends or something more

  82. liam says:

    I know a girl who does that to me every time I meet her. She goes erghh its liam and when I say it back, she has a massive smile on her face. Does that mean she likes me??

  83. Jacob ma says:

    I think it does because a girl did that to me and then she said she liked me

  84. Person u dont nw says:

    I think so