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Have you ever tried to tease a girl and had it back fire on you? Have you experienced that you say something and the girl completely takes it the wrong way and gets offended?   Was it your mistake or is this girl just wound up and become too sensitive?  In previous articles, we talked about how to impress a girl by stimulating her emotions, and I told you that girls want to tease and to be teased.    But how can you tease a girl without making her feel insulted and thinking of you as a jerk?   A better question, how can you tease a girl and create sexual tension so that she’ll be the one initiating intimacy with you instead of you trying to chase her?

The good news is you can achieve both of these with a magic – The Humor

How to tease a girlHave you ever experienced that funny people can get away with saying and doing things that most people can’t? Comedians like Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy are perfect examples. They said things that are somewhat insulting or sometimes obviously sexual.  But people didn’t mind the way they said as they coated words with jokes. People love to laugh and girls like confident, cool and fun guy.   There’s an old saying “Laughter is the best medicine”.  For us, laughter is the quickest way to build intimacy and rapport with a girl.  So learn to use it right.   A good book on how to tease a girl using humor is Martin Merrill ‘s book Make Women Laugh.  It is a good read and it teaches various technique to make a girl laugh.

Here are a few more ways to tease a girl

Game series – hey, you lose a point!

Many dating gurus agree this as an effective technique to tease a girl and at the same time subtly lead her to the way you want her to be.  The game is when she is a little late for the date, tease her that she lose a point.  When she does something in your favor, give her a point.  Tease her you won’t see her again If her points fall to zero. This is the game you can repeatedly play and tease her.  So play it right.

Unexpected moves

Sun Tzu once said “A skillful general make his way by unexpected routes”.  Tease her by kissing when she doesn’t expect, and stop while she wants more.  This makes you more attractive.  Keep the girl in a state of curiosity and expectation.  Many guys become boring for girl as they are too predictable. Remember girls like excitement.


Girls like to believe in destiny.  Many girls love fortune telling and palm reading.  If you know basic of palm reading, use it to build intimacy with the girl.  If you don’t, you can learn the basics in one evening.  Tease her while you interpret her lines.  Eg.  “Woah, your heart line told me that … you are going to believe whatever I am going to tell you today etc.

When you know how to tease a girl, it is a lot easier to win her heart.  A magnetic aura is created in your favor already.

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  1. Lucky says:

    You can tease her that one of her earlobe is bigger than the other she will want take a look at it at then you tel her she still pretty